Is GPintranet™ secure?

The current product (version 4.9) is hosted on a computer that is connected to your current surgery network. It is therefore as secure as any data held within your surgery, protected by the NHS Firewall. Information is backed up on daily basis, encrypted online on a secure server.

Where can I get more information?

Download the GPintranet? Borchure here.
To request a hard copy of the brochure, complete the request form on our site [go here]
Request an online meeting by completing the request form [go here]

Give us a call, we would be delighted to answer your questions in person. Tel: 07736820173

We are based in London and with enough notice would be happy to come and visit your surgery show you the full potential of GPintranet™, talk to everyone and answer all your questions.

How much training will we receive?

The installation package includes a full day of training. Training can be customized to suit your needs. It is also a good idea to have an installation on a day when most of your staff are available You also receive a comprehensive paper manual and will be given the access code for GPintranet™ University, our online training package.The manual is updated online every time there is an update and can be downloaded via the website. We also publish a bi-monthly newsletter that is sent to you via email. This will explain all new updates in more detail.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support in a number of ways. For immediate support please telephone 07736820173. For non urgent matters, or for matters to be dealt within 24hours email: or you can send a free text from the support page of the website. You can also use our new live chat feature which will be available during office hours.

What is included in the price of GPintranet™?

The price for GPintranet™ includes the hardware (the computer), software and license for GPintranet™ and all start-up training. There is also an annual subscription which includes all support, online back-up of software and all updates.

Does GPintranet™ tie-in with my clinical software?

It does not communicate directly with your clinical software, however it extracts information from your patient list enabling quick entry of patient related information in “My Database+”.

What do I need to do to have GPintranet™ installed?

All that is needed to install GPintranet™ is a free network point in your surgery, preferably in an out of the way area and a free IP address which your clinical software provider can give you. If a free network point is a problem we can use a splitter box.

Can I work from home and use GPintranet™?

Yes you can! You are able to dial in to the GPintranet™ computer and work as if you are sitting in front of your computer at work. We will set up an account for you and give you all the details. Nothing is downloaded onto your computer and no patient details will be available so no security details are breached.

Are there different levels of access within GPintranet™?

The beauty of GPintranet™ is that you can tailor everything to suit your needs. Users are able to have different levels of access which are set when creating accounts and only users that have Admin access are able to change levels of access. The admin user in effect is able to “manage” GPintranet™ therefore we recommend that only one or two people should have Admin access.

What makes GPintranet™ better than the rest?

“Work smarter, not harder!” is our motto here at GPintranet™.

GPintranet™ is a management and communication system that is continually evolving, we don’t believe in standing still. Our new version GPi5 is a testament to that. GPintranet™ is a community where each user plays an important role, we listen to what you need. All updates in effect come from your suggestions and requirements.

Suggestions for updates are included in your annual subscription and providing they are practical will be included in a future update, we are the only company that actively promotes ideas and listen to our users, so if what you’re looking for is not on GPintranet™ right now, chances are it will be in the future!

GPintranet™ is a management system that allows the Practice Manager to see what is happening in the surgery without leaving their desk, now you really can “Work smarter, not harder!” sounds attractive doesn’t it?

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